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My First Wedding Post

Okay, confession:  I have all these great ideas, such as writing posts about our wedding, planning, etc. and then become too busy to actually put said ideas into action.  However, today is the first post about our upcoming nuptials!

First, a little about us.  Zach and I have been together for 5 (yes FIVE) years.  For approximately 4.78 of those years, I knew he was the “one” – cheesy as that sounds.  Sometimes, when you know, you know.  So, for the last 4.78 years, I’ve been patiently waiting for a proposal (that’s an exaggeration, I knew it was too early in those beginning years.)  However, I was beginning to wonder about the “when” come last year – time kept passing and I kept thinking, maybe now, maybe now.  Maybe not.  Not one to do things conventionally, Zach found a way to surprise, just when I had begun to give up hope —

Sitting at the airport gate, the empty airport gate, waiting for our flight back to Indiana for Thanksgiving last fall, is where he popped (literally) the question.  I, having traveled all of my life and having been through most any situation involving airports, flights and the like, was adamant about getting to the airport at least two and a half hours early – just in case we were going to be dealing with long security lines, lost reservations, double-booking for our seats, etc. etc. etc.  Surprisingly, Zach didn’t question me and cheerfully showed up on time ready to leave for the airport.  Generally, I’m at least told that I’m a nerd and too worried about things.  True to form, I was wrong about needing such a lead time and we were at the gate in less than 15 minutes from being dropped off.  Right.  Thank goodness Zach had the grace not to mention anything about my miscalculation during the extra two hours we had at the gate.  Whew.  Instead, he decided to start drilling me about my packing.  Did I remember everything?  Yes.  Did you pack clean underwear?  Mmmm hmmmm.  How about socks – have enough of those?  Yup.  Toothbrush?  Sure did – I made a list and crossed EVERYTHING off so I’m sure I packed everything.  You sure you didn’t forget anything?  I’m sure, butthead (my affectionate name for him.)  Pregnant pauseI  know what you forgot.  Now I’m trying to rack my brain to determine (a) what I forgot and (b) how he might possibly know about it.  By the time I realize what’s going on, Zach was already on one knee, pulling out a ring box from his vest, and asking me to marry him.  In all of my infinite ability to quickly adapt (right?), I said…….WHAT?!  (And covered by entire face behind my hands.)  Recovering, and realizing that this is what I’ve been waiting for, I said YES!  Smiling the best smile you’ve ever seen (no exaggeration, it’ll make you weak at the knees) Zach put the ring on my finger.


I proceeded to enjoy every minute of my new-found euphoria – for the next 14.29 hours or so until the planning began 🙂