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Coffee from Heaven

Seriously, this stuff is what God drinks on his Sunday mornings…it’s heavenly.  It’s coffee with whipped cream.  It’s perfection.  It’s smooth, light, slightly sweet and the perfect thing to start your day – maybe even your Easter Sunday…

So here’s how it goes (it’s simple).  First, make whipped cream – I truly don’t recommend doing this unless you’re prepared to make whipped cream for the rest of your life.  You’ll never want store bought again.  Okay, you’ve been fairly warned.  First, you need heavy whipping cream.  Per every pint of cream, I’d add a heaping tablespoon of powdered sugar.  Add a tsp. to a Tbsp. of vanilla, if you like (I do).  Then – I suggest using your electric mixer (if you don’t have one, I suggest you buy one – I love my Cuisinart hand held for this).  Mix on medium to high until soft peaks form.  This will take a few minutes…and maybe a few more minutes.  In fact, while you’re mixing with your wonderful electric mixer, I’ll tell you the little story about our first brush with homemade whipped cream……

It was Thanksgiving a few years ago, and we were all gathered at my in-laws place.  We also had friends down and friends coming over for dinner – there were thirteen of us (seven of whom were women – just to put this into prospective).  I had made a homemade pumpkin pie and figured I might as well make homemade whipped cream.  Well, in packing for this holiday weekend, I had indeed included everything – even the kitchen sink.  So, in an effort to lighten our load, I asked my mother-in-law if she had a mixer.  She said yes.  Turns out, no.  Said mixer had been loaned and never returned.  Not having learned this until arriving, we were stuck hand-whipping our homemade whipped cream.  All seven of us women took turns (and each of our arms took turns) whipping up this amazing cream (I think the fact that it was a group effort made all the difference).  Needless to say, the pie and cream were amazing!!  Also needless to say, we were tired.  And laughing, hard.  And smarter for having learned that whipped cream is easier said than done when not using kitchen electrics.  Later that evening, someone (me) have the ever wonderful idea of playing a game.  All the guys left and all the girls gathered ’round the kitchen table.  More laughing ensued (this time, we were laughing while playing dominoes, “train” style – this is a whole other story for an entirely different day, but suffice it to say, there are choo-choo sounds involved).  Then, because coffee is like water in our family, someone made a fresh pot of coffee.  And, someone else decided to dig in the fridge for cream.  Instead, she found the whipped cream and thank goodness she (not me) decided to experiment – I really think she made the world a better place.  We, sitting around the table, with our regular black coffee, all heard this moan of utter satisfaction from the kitchen.  That was it – we were in!  I can’t tell you how many cups of coffee with whipped cream we went through that night, but I don’t think we would have been so drunk if we had consumed the same volume of hard alcohol.  We were delirious…and oh so happy!  And ruined for life.  No more regular coffee.  No more store-bought whipped cream.

So!  By now, your whipped cream should start to be just that – whipped.  The consistency of fluff, or clouds, or fluffy clouds.  The light taste of sweetened cream (I know you’ve tasted it by now, you won’t be able to help yourself).  And, now you are intimately aware of why we use an electric mixer – if it’s taken this long for you to whip by electricity, you can only imagine how long it might take if your arm is the motor.

On to step 2 (this might be three or four, I’ve lost count).  Brew a fresh pot of your favorite coffee (I think the smoothness of French press would be even better!).  You might also consider doing this first, before whipping cream (although, that would really mess up my step order) so that both are ready simultaneously.  I’m tellin’ ya, y’all you’re not going to want to wait.

Get your favorite mug, all the better if it’s big.  Put a dollop of your amazing whipped cream in the bottom, and pour your fresh coffee on top – it’ll get just a bit of wonderful foam on top, too.  Sip.  Ahhhhh…heaven.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth