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Perfect Party Desserts!

These desserts are not only great for a party (and this time of year, parties are everywhere!), but they’re so easy to make.  I actually made these for my husband’s surprise birthday party this summer, but I thought they’d be an appropriate share for holiday parties, too!  I had pre-made these and set them out before dinner, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t make it through the appetizer course.  They will be a big hit for your party 🙂  Here are the recipes for Chocolate Raspberry Cream Tarts and Chocolate Almond Raspberry Tarts.

Quick, easy and DELICIOUS party desserts!  Mini Raspberry Tarts!

Quick, easy and DELICIOUS party desserts! Mini Raspberry Tarts!


Chocolate Raspberry Cream Tarts

1 1/2 C. Heavy Whipping Cream

1 T. heaping Powdered Sugar

4 oz. Fresh Raspberries, divided

12 Pre-Made Chocolate Cups (you can find these in chocolate section of the baking aisle)

1 square HIgh Quality Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate

In a chilled bowl, add the heavy cream, powdered sugar and whip on low to medium speed until soft peaks begin to form.  Set aside.  Count 12 raspberries and set aside.  Mash the remaining raspberries as finely as possible.  Add raspberries to whipped cream and whip on low to medium speed until mostly stiff peaks form.  Fill a pastry bag fitted with a large star tip with cream.  Pipe cream into chocolate cups.  Add one raspberry per cup and shave, using a fine rasp, high quality chocolate over top of tarts.  Serve immediately or set in refrigerator until ready to serve.  Enjoy!

Just a few ingredients and a few minutes makes these gorgeous and delicious party desserts!

Just a few ingredients and a few minutes makes these gorgeous and delicious party desserts!





Chocolate Almond Raspberries Tarts

15 (1 package) Phyllo Dough Cups (found in the frozen dessert section)

4 oz. Fresh Raspberries

1 bar High Quality Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate, divided

Almond Slices

In a microwave safe bowl, melt three quarters of the baking chocolate slowly, stirring after every 20-30 seconds.  Do not overheat or you will burn the chocolate – be patient with the process and once it’s warm, finish the melting by stirring the chocolate.  Gently spoon the chocolate into the bottom of each of the phyllo dough cups and let sit for a few minutes.  Before fully set, add one raspberry to each cup.  Sprinkle a few almond slices in each cup.  Serve and enjoy!

A few basic ingredients make these crispy, fruity, chocolatey tarts!

A few basic ingredients make these crispy, fruity, chocolatey tarts!

First Week of Wedded Bliss

It hardly seems an entire week has gone by since Zach and I walked down the aisle and said “I do” to forever together.  Despite there being little change to our daily lives, there is something inherently wonderful about being married and being a wife.  Something as simple as a smile is now different – it’s deeper and lingers longer (and makes me happier).  Spending time together has that much more meaning – it is truly sharing your life with your spouse and that is not something that can be compared.  Then, there’s being called “wife” – I’m telling you, that, I cannot hear enough (even when it’s in a teasing manner).

Tonight we “celebrated” our one-week “anniversary” by sitting outside and chatting while Duke hung out in the yard, getting into something or another, cooking a simple meal (spaghetti) and watching a movie we both have wanted to see (Trouble with the Curve).  It’s amazing to sit quietly and laugh with the one you love.  It’s even better when that someone is the person to whom you’ve committed to spend your life, and and it sure put a smile on my face.  The simple, everyday things that don’t cost a thing.  Talk about a perfect night and a wonderful first week of marriage.  Nothing crazy, or catastrophic or even anything out of the ordinary – and that’s why it was perfection.

As a side note, Trouble with the Curve was wonderful, we both liked it.  A little funny, a little sad and a wonderful ending.  Not to mention that I love Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood.  I’d call this a family movie and I recommend it 🙂



Our First House! Exterior Pictures

The front of our new house!

The front of our new house!

Zach and I finally closed on our first house about a week and a half ago.  Many of you have been asking for pictures.  I took a LOT of them, so here is round one – the exterior of the house and our property.  We bought a 1948 ranch home on about half an acre.  We have a detached garage/shop and plenty of room to play.  Duke is in HEAVEN in his new yard 🙂  There are many bunnies for him to chase.  Keep in mind, these are VERY before pictures.  We bought this house as a fixer upper.  Stay tuned for more before pictures, and our work and renovations on our property!!!

My First Wedding Post

Okay, confession:  I have all these great ideas, such as writing posts about our wedding, planning, etc. and then become too busy to actually put said ideas into action.  However, today is the first post about our upcoming nuptials!

First, a little about us.  Zach and I have been together for 5 (yes FIVE) years.  For approximately 4.78 of those years, I knew he was the “one” – cheesy as that sounds.  Sometimes, when you know, you know.  So, for the last 4.78 years, I’ve been patiently waiting for a proposal (that’s an exaggeration, I knew it was too early in those beginning years.)  However, I was beginning to wonder about the “when” come last year – time kept passing and I kept thinking, maybe now, maybe now.  Maybe not.  Not one to do things conventionally, Zach found a way to surprise, just when I had begun to give up hope —

Sitting at the airport gate, the empty airport gate, waiting for our flight back to Indiana for Thanksgiving last fall, is where he popped (literally) the question.  I, having traveled all of my life and having been through most any situation involving airports, flights and the like, was adamant about getting to the airport at least two and a half hours early – just in case we were going to be dealing with long security lines, lost reservations, double-booking for our seats, etc. etc. etc.  Surprisingly, Zach didn’t question me and cheerfully showed up on time ready to leave for the airport.  Generally, I’m at least told that I’m a nerd and too worried about things.  True to form, I was wrong about needing such a lead time and we were at the gate in less than 15 minutes from being dropped off.  Right.  Thank goodness Zach had the grace not to mention anything about my miscalculation during the extra two hours we had at the gate.  Whew.  Instead, he decided to start drilling me about my packing.  Did I remember everything?  Yes.  Did you pack clean underwear?  Mmmm hmmmm.  How about socks – have enough of those?  Yup.  Toothbrush?  Sure did – I made a list and crossed EVERYTHING off so I’m sure I packed everything.  You sure you didn’t forget anything?  I’m sure, butthead (my affectionate name for him.)  Pregnant pauseI  know what you forgot.  Now I’m trying to rack my brain to determine (a) what I forgot and (b) how he might possibly know about it.  By the time I realize what’s going on, Zach was already on one knee, pulling out a ring box from his vest, and asking me to marry him.  In all of my infinite ability to quickly adapt (right?), I said…….WHAT?!  (And covered by entire face behind my hands.)  Recovering, and realizing that this is what I’ve been waiting for, I said YES!  Smiling the best smile you’ve ever seen (no exaggeration, it’ll make you weak at the knees) Zach put the ring on my finger.


I proceeded to enjoy every minute of my new-found euphoria – for the next 14.29 hours or so until the planning began 🙂